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Virtual data assistant helps enhance the success on social media for everyone creating content. Thanks to data. Without complex tables.

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Carl can help with

Category tags for trends: Travel, Nature, Lifestyle

Current trends recommendations

Increased views and subscribers metrics on Carl for Social

Analysis of social media data and specific recommendations

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Useful reports for paid collaborations

How does Carl work?

Carl offers specific recommendations that help to improve content and achieve goals across all major social networks and the web.
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Gathering data from the most popular social media platforms

Carl allows you to analyze data from most of the popular social media such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or Facebook and combines it with trends and other useful data.

Setting goals for creators

Users can define their specific objectives for individual social media platforms or across all of them.

Options for social media goals: Popularity boost, monetizing, revenue growth
Performance summary with 7-day analytics and 80% better engagement

Carl provides personalized, clear and actionable insights

Carl immediately analyzes the data and provides content creators with actionable insights, including trends to address and AI-powered content adjustments.

Works like a charm, proven to achieve up to +41% better performance

So far, creators have experienced a 41% increase in performance within the first month of using Carl.

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